Community Resources


If you or someone you know is struggling with…

emotional or mental healthcare

  • Contact your family physician or the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington (Here 24/7) at 1-844-437-3247

specialized services or in home care such as occupational therapy or social work

  • Contact the Community Care Access Centre (Guelph and Wellington office)  at (519) 823-2550

affordable housing

  • Contact the County of Wellington Housing Services and Housing Help & Community Resources at (519) 824-7822

your legal rights, issues with landlords, or facing eviction

  • Contact the Legal Clinic of Guelph Wellington County at (519) 821-2100 (City of Guelph) or 1-800-628-9205 (County of Wellington)


Other community resources could include:

Public Health

Bugs or other pests

Animal waste issues

Human waste issues

No water supply

No sewage disposal





1 metre or 3 foot wide path from each room to every exit

Flammable items 1 metre away from furnace/hot water heater/hydro   panels

Incorrect storage of flammable liquid

Blocked exits and stairwells

Electrical hazards

Working smoke alarms

Large quantity of flammable items present

Property Standards and By-Law

Clutter outside including inoperable or unlicensed vehicles,   long grass/weeds

Problems with all building structures on property

Lack of heat, poor plumbing, electrical, or other building   systems in homes

Bugs or other pests



Humane Society

Animals without access to water, food,   shelter, or medical care




City of Guelph or County of Wellington:

Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health


ext. 4753




City of Guelph:


(fire prevention)

or 519-824-3232

County of Wellington:

Contact your local fire department

Download the Municipal Directory for the County of Wellington, here. See pages 26-29 for fire department listings.


City of Guelph:


 County of Wellington:

Contact your township’s municipal office.

Download the Municipal Directory for the County of Wellington, here. See pages 30-37 for municipal office listings.




City of Guelph or County of Wellington: